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CARSTAR, the nation's largest collision repair franchise, was founded on the principle of raising the standards of the collision repair industry. The CARSTAR concept is to bring the customer exemplary service and quality repairs while maintaining strong relations with the insurance industry, which works in tandem with the collision repair industry.

CARSTAR was founded in 1989, to address the collision repair industry's need for standardization and improved systems management. The concept began with conversion franchising - taking existing body shops and transforming them into CARSTAR collision repair centers.

Considering CARSTAR's exclusive 5-Year Nationwide Warranty, only the top 5 percent of auto body shops, in terms of ethics, quality of work and customer satisfaction, were considered to become a part of CARSTAR. This gave CARSTAR a network of the finest body shops across the country. In 1994, CARSTAR became an international company with the addition of CARSTAR Canada.

CARSTAR has continued to grow and expand with the ever-changing industry. Currently there are 380+ locations in the United States and Canada.

A strong commitment to the industry is what led CARSTAR to begin the acquisition process and expand its holdings to include company-owned stores. Company-owned locations give CARSTAR a presence in major markets and allow CARSTAR to continue to increase awareness to the consumer and the insurance industry. At the same time, these locations will allow CARSTAR to develop and pilot programs that will benefit franchisees system-wide. Currently, there are 18 company-owned stores in Kansas City, Omaha and Wichita.

Finally, CARSTAR has the best training for all the people that work in our industry. Some of this training is in Kansas City, but we also bring a lot of training to your local market. We offer training in just about everything. In fact, many CARSTAR franchises are ASE and I-CAR Gold Certified.

Since its inception, CARSTAR has maintained integrity uncommon in the collision repair industry. The goals remain the same - bringing quality collision repair and outstanding customer service while continuing a strong relationship with the insurance industry.


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