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At CARSTAR, it's not just what we do, it's how we do it that makes the difference to our customers. And the best way to find out if we're giving our customers the support, sensitivity, and service they need is to ask them - through our Customer Service Index (CSI) tracking system. We're proud to report that CARSTAR Centers consistently achieve an average CSI rating of 96 percent. Through this system, each customer is able to rate our performance in repair quality and overall service. Responses are sent directly to the CARSTAR Corporate Offices for tabulation. These responses not only let us know what we're doing right, but also help us to develop new services and programs or intensify our efforts in making every CARSTAR experience the best it can be. In fact, CARSTAR's 5-Year Nationwide Warranty is the direct result of feedback from customers.
Computerized components, air bag modules and advances in unibody construction make collision repairs more complex. At CARSTAR, we continue to raise the bar for quality with ongoing certifications and training. In fact, CARSTAR owners and staff must earn a required number of educational credits each year to retain their status in our organization. These courses include:
Use of state-of-the-art equipment
Learning the latest repair techniques
Understanding insurance relations
Technical skills training
Improving customer service
Enhanced administrative efficiency
Improving production systems
In addition, CARSTAR personnel are encouraged to participate in courses sponsored by the Inter-Industry Conference on Collision Repair (I-CAR). This nonprofit organization shares CARSTAR's commitment to improving the quality, safety and efficiency of auto collision repair. In fact, many CARSTAR Collision Repair Centers have earned the I-CAR Gold Class designation--the highest certification possible.
At CARSTAR, we believe that minimizing your inconvenience can only come from maximizing the service we provide you. That's why CARSTAR not only provides the quality collision repair services you expect, but also the features that make your experience as painless as possible. These include:
Computerized estimating systems--for accurate and detailed listings of the repairs to be made
I-CAR trained staff--for the level of expertise and skill needed to restore your vehicle to pre-collision condition
High-quality work--using the latest repair techniques and equipment
Free one-year warranty--on all repairs made
Free five-year nationwide warranty--at all locations across North America
Environmental sensitivity--utilizing strict standards that comply with local, state and national regulations
Neighborhood convenience--with hundreds of CARSTAR locations throughout the United States and Canada
Insurance claims assistance--to minimize the paperwork and hassle of having your claim approved and paid
Clean facilities and courteous service--to make every experience with CARSTAR the best it can be
Insurance Partners
In the collision repair business, strong relationships with the insurance community are vital. We have Direct Repair relationships with several insurance carriers and will assist our customers in working with their specific insurance company.

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